New Trailhead at Pease Park

22 03 2010

New ramp and trail connection at Pease Park / Shoal Creek

The Austin Parks and Recreation Dept’s Construction Crew is working on a new trail head and access point for the Shoal Creek Trail at Pease Park on Kingsbury St..  On Friday they constructed a ramp to provide easy accessible access to the trail from Kingsbury St. and also allow deliveries of mulch, trees and dillo dirt that the Trees for Pease folks ask for all of the time.  This replaces the old “route” which went up the middle of the park and is now populated with newly planted trees and in ground irrigation.

new trail looking south to new ramp at Kingsbury

Our thanks to James Young and his construction crew as well as Tony Arnold and Marty Stump of the Parks Department’s planning, construction and design team.  The crew has another day or so of work, packing down the granite gravel, refinishing the edge of the ramp and along the trail and installing another small section of trail deeper in the park to allow vehicles to turn around.

Re-roofing a great old building

25 02 2010

There’s an old brick tudor style building at Pease Park that used to house the restrooms.  Since a new restroom building was built a few years back, the old building has fallen into disrepair. Thanks to Richard from Trees for Pease, the fine folks at the Old Enfield Neighborhood Association, and approval from the Parks Dept, the building is getting a make-over with a new wood shingle roof being installed now and on It’s My Park, scraping and priming the wood on the sides in preparation for a new coat of paint.

Recycling Stone Bollards At Pease Park

25 02 2010

With the completion of Phase 1b of the Auction Oaks Project @ Republic Square, we have a number of surplus stone bollards that used to ring the Auction Oaks area.  Thanks to help from the Parks Dept, specifically the folks in forestry, we removed a portion of a parking lot immediately around a big old oak tree, put down mulch, set out the bollards and presto – another tree breathing a little easier.

Thanks to Walter with Parks Forestry, Danny from the Parks Northwest District, and Richard from Trees for Pease.

2009 – Over 220 new trees at Pease Park

17 12 2009

Thanks to Richard Craig and Trees for Pease, as well as help from Walter Passmore and PARD Forestry Staff, plus our helpful consultants Jill Nokes and Will Pickens, we have over 200 new trees planted at Pease Park with irrigation to each.  40 more went in this week thanks to PARD Forestry staff.  We still a number left, but a great job by all, we’ve collectively learned a lot.  Here’s a few pictures from earlier today.

More Trees for Pease

15 11 2009


Over 100 more trees (complete with in ground irrigation) were installed by volunteers today at Pease Park.  Thanks to Richard Craig and Trees for Pease, as well as the City of Austin Parks Forestry Division, TreeFolks and our many volunteers.  We have another 40 or so trees to be planted sometime in the next month or two that we could not get to the park today.




Invasive Species Removal at Pease

1 09 2009

Thanks to efforts from the neighborhood, an invasive tree removal project has begun at Pease Park on the hillside between Parkway and Windsor Rds.  Funded by donations from a number of neighbors, American Youthworks Enivornmental Corps staff will be cutting down ligustrum, chinaberry and nandina, treating them so they don’t resprout, chipping up all of the brush and laying down any of the bigger limbs in gullies or washes to prevent any erosion.  Work is expected to take two weeks.

Ligustrum covered by grapevine and greenbriar is cut down

Ligustrum covered by grapevine and greenbriar is cut down

Please Help Trees for Pease

24 08 2009
Cedar Elm Snapped in Two

Cedar Elm Snapped in Two

On Wednesday, August 12th, we experienced another freak windstorm (with little rain) that brought down over 70 mature trees at Pease Park along the Shoal Creek Greenbelt. This is the third storm in three years and because the canopy is mature with few new understory or newly planted trees, the effects are devastating.

Another Cedar Elm near the playscape

Another Cedar Elm near the playscape

Despite our efforts earlier in the year of planting 100 new trees and a new irrigation system, the need for tree planting is now stronger than ever. Trees for Pease has announced plans to plant up to 220 trees and install irrigation this fall and winter and we need your help. At a price of $150 per tree with irrigation, we are looking for $33,000 for this next phase. Please consider a donation to Austin Parks Foundation with “Trees for Pease” in the memo line or visit our donor page and choose Pease Park Fund from the list of Special Funds.

Parks Forestry Crew Picks Up the Pieces

Parks Forestry Crew Picks Up the Pieces